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When it comes to lawn and plant problems, Florida is a place where this always seems to be an issue. East County Lawn Care, Inc. provides you with extensive fertilizer and pesticide programs to give your lawn and plants the necessary focus to keep them looking great and healthy at all times.

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  • Poor soil

  • Bugs

  • Diseases

  • Drought

  • Too much rain

  • Freezing temperatures

Reasons for an unhealthy lawn:

  • Annual fire ant control

  • Outdoor flea control

  • Property analysis

Other services include:

When you avoid the root cause of your lawn and plant issues, it can make the problem worse in the long run. At East County Lawn Care, Inc., we focus on building the strength of the plants and turf to help them recover quicker. Whenever you come to us, we can create a custom package for your lawn and plants. We will keep your lawn and plants looking amazing! Our unique timing for applications will keep your lawn and plants healthy and looking amazing.

Avoiding the problem is never the answer - create a custom package!

Our extensive fertilizer and pesticides programs