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Our company provides you with lawn tips to keep your lawn looking healthy and amazing throughout the course of the year. Whether it's raining, snowing, or there's a drought in your area, we have tips to help you.

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Lawn tips to keep your property looking great

Blue - cool, dry - less water 45/20, less trimming and mowing, weed control in lawn


Brown - hot, dry - high water 80/40, cut back plants, caution about mowing dry areas, cinch bugs & other pests


Green - hot, wet - less or no water 45/20, constant mowing & trimming plants, cinch bugs & other pests


January -  pressure washing & landscape lighting


February - cut back crepe myrtles, last chance for major weed control in lawns, pressure washing & landscape lighting. Good time to start planning new landscape and annuals for the upcoming spring.


March - plants need heavier cut backs, cinch bugs & other pest are on the prowl, pressure washing & landscape lighting.


April - watch for dry lawns, landscaping good, plant annuals, pest high, pressure washing & landscape lighting


May - cinch bugs like dry grass, landscaping good, pressure washing & landscape lighting


June- rainy season to start soon, cinch bugs/pests bad, time to think of sod planning, landscaping still good, pressure washing & landscape lighting


July - rainy season should be in full swing, pest still bad, get your sod in, landscaping good, pressure washing & landscape lighting


August - sod good, pest still bad, landscaping good, pressure washing & landscape lighting


September - mineral deficiencies, plant annuals, pest still there, pressure washing & landscape lighting


October - mineral deficiencies, landscaping ending, pressure washing & landscape lighting


November - don't lower water yet, great time to mulch, pressure wash for the holidays, weed control for lawn starting, landscape lighting


December - winter annuals in, pressure wash for the holidays, landscape lighting


*Other services that are not available directly to us we will provide the best vendor for the job and we will stand behind to guarantee the job.

NOTE: Tips are for zones 9 & 10. It is critical to assure the right products are used! This is not meant to be all inclusive, or substitute for a lawn care professional.